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750000 Safe Manhours celebration Master Gas overpressure Mitigation facilities

Successful Mechanical Completion of SADARA EO / PO Pipeline.


Construct 56” Dia. X 36.5 KM QUAD-2 Loop Pipeline from Qurayya to Ain-Dar including construction of Right of Way, Utility Crossings, Tie-in, Hydrotest, Bunding, Cathodic Protection, Scrapper & Receiver Launcher Stations etc.  Includes Long Pipe Transportation, Field Bending; Automatic Welding, Deep Excavation, Backfilling and Berm Construction, Shutdown, Bunding for Hydrotest water disposal etc.

HAZEM 101 production & Testing Facility ,One of the prestigious Project of Saudi Aramco is  the first of its kind project of Shale Gas (Sour Service) and we are very proud to be associated with Saudi Aramco on this Project & its successful completion. We are very much thankful to Saudi Aramco for awarding SISCO this project and enabling us to engrave our name in the Oil & Gas industry and successful completion of this project has added one more feather to our cap.


On 19th February 2018, Saudi Aramco Project Team & SISCO had a wonderful celebration of these accomplishments. Event was honored by presence of Saudi Aramco Project Manager along with his team , SISCO honorable Chairman, Vice Chairman , CEO and team.


High performers were awarded with appreciation certificates, Incentives and valuable gifts. The CEO of SISCO and Project Manager of Saudi Aramco shared their visionary insight to capitalize on this great success and raise the bar for upcoming goals and milestones.


The beautiful evening was a great festivity and presence of the SISCO Management and Client team was a great source of encouragement and motivation for project team.

This is with an immense pleasure to announce that, SISCO has been approved from Saudi Aramco on GENERAL BID SLATE (GBS) for “Industrial Mechanical Maintenance Services”.  .

SISCO has achieved this milestone after passing the stringent evaluation process done by Saudi Aramco. According to Saudi Aramco’s official email, the inclusion of SISCO to its GBS “is based on Saudi Aramco’s assessment of your Company’s submitted pre-qualification documents, overall resources, expertise, financial capabilities, and performance.”

Saudi Aramco, which is the largest oil company in the world, restricts Industrial Mechanical Maintenance Services only to those who are approved contractors with excellent safety and quality standards & with team work we have achieved it.

SHARQ is appreciating SISCO

SHARQ management has appreciated SISCO on SISCO effective efforts in contributing into the success of SHARQ SHEM Campaign conducted during the period of 19 – 21 December, 2017.

The event of appreciation was conducted on Dec,25th at SHARQ office and attend by Messer's; Ghanim Al Rafie GM HR, Mohammad Al Hassan, GM plant construction and maintenance, Mohammad Al Abdali Business development advisor and Berdan Macahindog  HSE lead. SHARQ management have expressed its deep appreciation to SISCO management on its safety focus and up to date knowledge to the industry safety requirements.

Achievements are Continuing

Another milestone ahievement has been granted during this month of dec, 2017 obtaining ISO-18001-2007 OHSAS "Occupational, Health and safety" The company and all its employees are proud to grant this certificate as a proof that its employees are highly competent to achieve further milestones despite the challenges faced.

Congratulations to all company employees and looking forward for more achievements.

Achievement of the month

SISICO is proud to achieve the 100% safe records in compliance to SHARQ safety monthly  performance. SISCO management would like to thank all its employees for their efforts in achieving this milestone and encourage everyone to keep up for more distinguished records in future both safety and quality.

Good luck and congratulation to all.

SISCO have been awarded a contract from SADARA Chem. Co to provide all manpower, management supervision, tools, consumables, equipment, vehicles and logistics to operate and maintain the Housing complex covering 696 housing units with the common areas in all 18 buildings located in Jubail Industrial City.

SISCO have been awarded the General Maintenance of On Shore Plants @ RT and Juaymah Terminal Plants Contract by Saudi ARAMCO within the 250 Kilometer Radial Distance from Ras Tanurah.