SISCO Marks Saudi Founding Day with Grand Celebration

February 22, 2024

SISCO Marks Saudi Founding Day with Grand Celebration

SISCO’S Memorable Celebrating Ceremony

In observance of Saudi Founding Day, SISCO conducted an exceptional celebration attended by the company’s CEO, COO, the entire leadership team, and its employees. This significant event underscored our profound connection with the Kingdom’s heritage, weaving our rich cultural legacy with the company’s vision for the future. It highlighted the pivotal role of unity, diversity, and tradition in defining our shared identity and guiding our corporate values.

The celebration provided a meaningful opportunity to recognize our long-serving employees, those who have committed 20-25 years to our organization. This recognition served as a heartfelt acknowledgment of their loyalty and their dedication to our success, reflecting our values of mutual respect and unwavering commitment.

A standout feature of the celebration was the engaging dialogue session that facilitated direct interaction between our employees and the senior leadership team. This platform showcased our commitment to openness, inclusivity, and teamwork, allowing candid discussions and idea sharing.

The celebration was more than an event; it symbolized our shared journey, values, and dedication to innovation and excellence, underlining our commitment to our heritage and future goals.

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