Our Story

Sisco Careers



Company Established

By the brothers, Hadi Saleh Al-Ratimah & Fayez Saleh Al-Ratimah as operation and maintenance contractor.

With a cherished goal of contributing to the growth of Kingdoms Industrial development
To be one of the top service providers for all vital industries in the Kingdom while adding value to our stakeholders and the society at large.



Project Support Services

Built an Industrial Engineering & Project Support Service Team.
Recruited certified and approved Engineers and Technicians in large numbers.
Engaging in project support services and Plant Maintenance.
Catering to Saudi Aramco, SABIC, and prominent Local & EPC Contractors.



Operations & General Services

Equipped with an Operations and Maintenance Team and Stepped into the Plant Operation, Maintenance and General Support Services to SABIC and SAUDI ARAMCO across the Kingdom.
Expanded services to Housing and Building Maintenance, Landscaping, Office Management.
Won the prestigious SHARQ (Sabic) Long Form Contract for Product Handling & Logistic Support Services.
Equipped with Crude Oil Washing (COW System) – a fully automated State of the Art technology for Crude Storage Tank Cleaning and Sludge treatment with 99.5% Oil Recovery. Services rendered to Saudi Aramco and KJO, Khafji.



Plant Shutdown Services

Built a Shutdown and Turn Around Team capable of handling CMEI Disciplines.
Geared with 24 X 7 Emergency Response and Support Facilities.
Engaging in Turn Around and Shutdown Services and Routine Plant Maintenance.
Catering to Saudi Aramco, SABIC and other Local Industries.



Full Scale Projects

Armed with a hand full of Experts and Resources, undertook full scale projects.
Won many Short and Mid Form Projects from Saudi Aramco, SABIC, and various Sub-contracts from prominent EPC Contractors.
Expanded business lines with HVAC and Catering Divisions.



Long Term Services

Established Strategic Offices, Accommodation and Laydown Facilities at prominent locations across the Kingdom.
Won Saudi Aramco Long Form Contracts at RT Refinery and NAPD.
Won SABIC Long Form Contract for General Construction Services and Operation and Maintenance Support.
Topped up with Long Form Contracts from SABIC, TASNEE, APPC, SIPCHEM, SASREF, MAADEN and Saudi Aramco – RT & Juaymah Terminals, Riyadh & Yanbu Refineries.



Turn Key & Pipeline Projects

Executed the First Turn key Project at JANA/NAMA by Constructing the NaCl Incinerator Facility.
Executed many Pipeline Projects for SATORP including over 200 KM Product and Crude Pipelines.
Executed various LSTK Contract for SABIC & Saudi Aramco.
Executed DOW/Fluor RO Water Component Manufacturing Plant at SADARA, Jubail.
56” X 37.5 KM QUAD-2 Underground Loop Pipeline Project
Master Gas Over Pressure Mitigation System Project
EO/PO Pipeline and Distribution Facilities at RF Value Park, Jubail
Established IMS Platform for Operations.



URMP Program Engagement

Executed 92 KM RTP Flowline Works for Northern Arabia UG Surface Facilities.
Executed Unconventional Gas Early production Facilities at Jafurah.
Executed Well Head Tie in Works at Hawiyah.
Won Well Support Service, Mothballing and Flare Line Service Contracts



Mega Projects

Obtained URMPP Wells Tie-In Projects at Turaif, North Arabia, South Ghawar and Jafurah.